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Everything that we do at GE Research starts with the talent, passion and drive of our people. Whether they’re designing a software program, imaging a tissue sample, or operating an aerodynamic test rig, our scientists and engineers are seeing, moving and creating the future every day.

Meet some of the people who are driving innovation forward and discover why they love working at GE Research. To learn more, click on the profiles below. 

  • Peter De Bock

    GE Research offers the unique opportunity to do true interdisciplinary…

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  • Lijun He

    The interdisciplinary nature of GE Research offers me excellent opportunities…

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  • Jhimli Mitra

    The versatility of my role at GE Research allows me to be a researcher, a…

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  • John Yagielski

    Our research team includes world-class scientists, engineers and technicians in…

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  • The Edison Edge: Christina Vasil

    “I would have to say that the opportunity to explore and stretch yourself is one of the best parts of the program. Without the Edison…

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  • The Edison Edge: Izzy Jansen

    “I really like the rotational nature of the EEDP—it’s given me a chance to figure out what I can do with physics in the real world.” - Izzy…

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  • The Edison Edge: Emily Cheng

    “I’m given space to explore things on my own and to work independently. I appreciate that my team really considers the new ideas that I…

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  • Edison Engineering Development Program

    Our Edison Engineers are bright, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about what they do. They are fully integrated into our teams…

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  • The Edison Edge: Hacking the future of industry

    Thirty Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) members and EEDP interns. Five unique problems. One day. Unlimited potential.

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