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Video: The Customer Take on Predix

Scientists at GE Global Research are developing a new manufacturing idea called the Brilliant Factory. It will allow engineers and designers to optimize production by using sensors to harvest huge amounts of data on factory floors, securely pool it in the cloud and analyze it by powerful software.

New materials and rapid prototyping tools like 3D printing have also shortened the time needed to build new parts and machines. “We can get parts through factories faster with higher confidence because we are always learning and these improvements lead to us being more cost effective, which boosts the bottom line,” Christine Furstoss, GE’s global technology director responsible for developing the new manufacturing concept.

But it’s not only GE who will benefit from the idea. Last week, at the Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco, GE announced that it would give customers access to Predix, the operating system powering the company’s Brilliant Factory software. At Minds + Machines GE Reports caught up with customers familiar with it. Listen to what they have to say.


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