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Video: Predix Now Open For All Industrial Internet Developers

GE spent $1 billion over the last few years to develop Predix, the cloud-based platform that has allowed GE to securely collect data from jet engines, gas turbines and MRI scanners, analyze it and then use the results to make them run better. Last fall GE gave access to Predix to a select group of partners and customers. On Monday, the company took the next step at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and opened Predix to all developers.

“We’ve been pleased,” says Roger Pilc, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Pitney Bowes, which has been working with Predix for six months. “The data is successfully coming off our machines and through our security systems up into the cloud. The applications running on top of the cloud have been showing our field service teams and our customers the data visualizations we have designed together. So in terms of technology and functionality, things have been going very well.”

Our video explains what open Predix means.

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