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The People Behind the Power: Cavite Pig Farm’s Story

The People Behind the Power: Cavite Pig Farm’s Story

Cavite Pig Farm, located in the south of Manila in the Philippines, is home to over 100,000 pigs. Maintaining a farm that big, is a lot of work especially when it comes to keeping the place clean. So, what can Cavite Pig Farm do to overcome this huge mess? Convert the waste into energy.

Using GE’s Waukesha gas compression engine, it converts animal waste into enough energy to power the farm’s electrical, and heating needs – even having enough left over to sell to the local grid. At present, 40% of the electricity generated is enough to supply the farm’s electrical needs which allows them to sell the excess electrical output to the grid. By doing this, it reduces the burning of methane which is 21 times more treacherous than carbon dioxide – presenting an environmentally friendly option, which makes economic sense.

GE’s Waukesha engines are used all around the world to power modern life, providing an excellent example of our commitment to investing in innovative manufacturing.

Watch the video to find out more.

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