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South East Asia’s First Garage Was Held in Jakarta

South East Asia’s first Garage was held in Jakarta

Currently serving Indonesia in various sectors including healthcare,transportations, and energy, one would be forgiven for assuming that GE has given their all to the country. However, GE has plenty more to offer, and showcased its commitment to the country by hosting the region’s first GE Garage in Jakarta.

With a population of 250 million, Indonesia offers many opportunities for growth and development. The youth in Indonesia see the potential in technological innovation, energy conservation and healthcare in improving the quality of life in the country. Acknowledging the passion of these youths, GE opened the first GE Garage event in Jakarta to share knowledge and nurture creative skills with a series of workshops & discussions at the Garage, as well as to showcase the possibilities of the future and present a platform for the youth to express their talents.

The tech and innovation-led exhibition was officiated and officially opened to the public by the former President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. dr. B.J Habibie, the General Secretary of Ministry of Research Higher Education Ainun Naim PhD together with Handry Satriago, CEO, GE Indonesia.

Almost 2,000 visitors, ranging from Government officials, GE customers and partners, universities and high school students, as well as general public visited GE Garage over the course of six days to experience the new technologies that might define the future of Indonesia, Asia and ultimately the world.

Building local talents to compete globally

The six day program was kicked off with a keynote speech by the former President of the Republic of Indonesia, , who highlighted the importance of building the capacity of human resources that can keep up with the dynamic development of technologies as well as compete globally.

Prof. dr. B.J Habibie, “Humans are the ones who must develop technology. In the age of open innovation, those who can continuously innovate are the ones who will win in the market.”

In afternoon, GE hosted a Human Resources Leadership Forum, featuring Anies Baswedan, Minister of Education; and Heather Wang, Vice President of Human Resources for GE Global Growth and Operations, as panelists.

Investing in the Youth of Indonesia

The event drew immense interest from the younger generation, who were passionate in computer technology, craftsmanship, 3D-printed designs, and robotic sciences. The workshops and discussions, such as DIY Woodwork Project with CnC, Human Centered Designs and Drone Constructions, were designed to inspire these young audiences to become future innovators. In addition, Garage also provided workshops for young children age 5-10 years old on Little Bits and Basic Coding to provide early experience with electronics and coding.

Hands-on Experience for Participants

GE Garage does not only inspire with talks and discussions, but also with hands-on activities. Over a period of six days, participants took part in exciting activities such as constructing their own drones, creating and printing 3D designs and making woodwork with CnC desktop equipment.

Sharing Ideas with Local Innovators

Moments of inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. You are more likely though, to be inspired when surrounded with like-minded people and great minds. GE Garage brought together the best innovators, the best initiators and visionary minds. For example, Terri Bresenham, President & CEO, Sustainable Healthcare Solutions visited Garage and spoke to the local innovators on GE’s innovation that is aimed to improve access and affordability of healthcare in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia.

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