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Building the Future of Engineering with the Edisons at GE Power

Innovation is about building a brighter future. That’s why GE Power is committed to developing the best and brightest engineering […]

The GE Brief — September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019 MEETING OF THE MINDS “When you think about our team, our technologies — let alone the way […]
Customer Summit

A Full House: GE’s Customer Summit Draws Over 200 Global Executives

Senior leaders from around the world spent last week in Crotonville, New York, for GE’s annual Global Customer Summit. More […]

Engineering a Record-Setting Environment for Success at Tanjung Kidurong

When it comes to delivering world-class infrastructure, there are some simple truths we work by at GE. It takes outstanding […]
The Vanguard

The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week

The movements of a tiny 3D-printed robot can be controlled by vibration, a large drone will look for signs of […]

History In The Making: How GE Turned America From Laggard To Leader In Jet Engine Design

When Frank Whittle’s seaplane landed at LaGuardia’s Marine Air Terminal in New York City in June 1942, the pioneering jet […]

Innovation Nation: The Government And Industry Team Up To Invent The Future Of Energy

Energy will be in the air in Denver this week when 2,000 of the nation’s brightest science and engineering minds, […]