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The GE Brief — March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020   Dear readers: Our hearts and minds are with everyone who has been affected by the coronavirus […]
Pi Day

The Hidden Face Of π: By Painting Pi, This Artist Found A Way To Square the Circle

There are many things you can do with pi. You can use it to calculate the rotor circumference of the […]

Thinking Big: In Europe, MIT And GE Create A Brain Trust To Fuel Ambitious Healthcare Research

Sometimes the toughest challenges are the ones right in front of your eyes. Take vision correction. Poor eyesight is one […]

Steve Winoker: GE Releases Its Q4 Results

Today, GE released its fourth-quarter 2019 results which reflect another quarter’s progress on our multiyear transformation. Below are some select […]

The GE Brief — January 14, 2020

January 14, 2020 BREAKING NEWS If you’re a nurse in a hospital and a monitoring machine near your station starts […]

Breaking News: This Engineer Puts Medical Devices Through The Wringer

Rami Koivunen is quick with a laugh and likes to tell self-deprecating jokes. But if the devices he works on […]

Epic Volunteers and Epic Homes: Supporting Local Communities with GE

At GE, we believe in epic support for the communities in which we are based. For the last six years, […]