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Best of 2017

11 Most Popular Videos of 2017

Last summer, we started turning our stories into video. The move was a huge hit and GE Reports videos have […]

GE Investor Update: Taking Action To Drive Growth And Create Value

Speaking at GE’s investor update meeting in New York today, GE Chairman and CEO John Flannery announced actions being taken […]

Power Play: This Software Takes The Guesswork Out Of Energy Demand

Predicting power demand used to be a simple science: People use more power during certain times — like the morning, […]

Weathering The Storm: This Tech Will Help Utilities Keep The Lights On

As Hurricane Harvey drenched the Texas coast in August — and Irma devastated the Caribbean and soaked Florida last week […]
GE в России

Укрощение строптивого. Ветрогенератор своими руками

Развитие природоохранных технологий – главный смысл и содержание глобальной инициативы «Ecomagination», которую вот уже более 10 лет реализует GE. Одно […]

5 Ways Companies Can Weave Sustainability Into Their DNA

Back in 2005, wind power, solar energy and electric vehicles were subscale technologies when GE launched Ecomagination, which strives to […]

The Future of Clean Energy Is Present

Stuart Dean, CEO, GE ASEAN Clean and sustainable energy is more than just ‘important’ to GE, it’s an absolute and […]