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The province of North Kivu, in the northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been ravaged by […]

Going Viral: A New Kind Of Vaccine Could Change How We Fight Disease

Vera Silva remembers warm summers in her youth — and a lot of empty sugar cones. Her small town of […]
Electrical Grid

She’s Seen The Light: This GE Engineer Is Building The Power Grid Of The Future

BIG DATA, MICROGRIDS Some 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack reliable access to electricity, and the consequences are far-reaching. […]

The GE Brief – August 23, 2018

Power grids don’t come cheap: It can cost as much as $300,000 a mile to string a set of high-voltage […]

Thinking Smaller: Microgrids And Big Data Can Bring Electricity To Rural Nigeria

One late-summer day in 2011, a woman was bicycling along the West Side Highway trail in Manhattan. A pedestrian ambled […]

Sensors And Sensibility: GE Apps Are Transforming Industries

Buried 1,000 feet below the parched Thar Desert in Pakistan lies more fuel energy than all the known oil in […]

Answering Pakistan’s Burning Question: How To Ignite Lignite?

Borena Tiki, a schoolteacher who lives in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, has recently experienced something monumental: the opportunity to […]
Access To Electricity

Power Trip: How Energy Saved By GE Factories Is Helping Electrify African Villages For The First Time