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The Science Behind A Punch: “The Money Fight”

The recent “Money Fight” was a true head-on clash of fight styles and personalities. In one corner was the quietly confident, undefeated champion of the boxing ring, Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather. In the other, was the flamboyant King of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor.

It was also a global event, and given the given the estimated fight value of US$600 million, you can see why it was hyped “the money fight.” But in addition to a burning desire to win the mega prize purse, and bragging rights – the two fighters also wanted to minimize personal injury and punishment – especially in terms of head health. In an average round of boxing, a fighter will take 9 hits, while studies of MMA show over 92% of hits are landed on the head.

While boxing, and MMA, grab the headlines for concussion and brain injuries, head health is an issue across all contact sports including gridiron, rugby union, ice hockey, Aussie Rules, and more.  That’s why GE’s Head Health Initiative is an important program – it is designed to build a better understanding of the crucial science behind good head health with the ultimate goal of making contact sports safer for all players and participants.

The “Money Fight” is a high profile case study for researchers and this “The Science Behind a Punch: Mayweather versus McGregor” infographic offers more details on the power and energy unleashed in the bout.

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