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Powering Innovation at the John F. Welch Technology Centre

The John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) is a global hub of GE innovation located in Bangalore, India. It is home to over 5,300 scientists and engineers, designing and developing cutting-edge technologies that are transforming opportunity in Asia, ASEAN and the wider world.

The John F. Welch Technology Centre is named after legendary GE Chief Executive Officer John Francis ‘Jack’ Welch Jr. and was the first, and is still the largest, integrated GE research and development centre outside the United States. Its successes to date include over 3,500 patents produced for GE, with innovations that stretch from the oil and gas industry through to healthcare.

The innovators and idea-makers at JFWTC are constantly working to push boundaries and solve the toughest industry challenges for GE’s customers. Its services are designed along the three major disciplines of testing and measurement, research, and licensing. Those service streams form the foundation for a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that meet the highest standards in six key fields of innovation.

Material solutions: Enabling accelerated discovery, deployment and servicing of engineering components. This includes solutions for material behaviour, mechanical design environment durability, inspection, characterisation and lifting.

Electric Power: Developing and deploying system architectures, converter topologies and associated controls to enable scalable, efficient industrial electrification to power the future of industry.

Thermosciences: Driving outcome-focused industrial research with GE expertise in combustion aerodynamics, turbomachinery, thermal management and multiphase flows, helping to accelerate technology development.

Physical-Digital Analytics: Leveraging GE’s experience in key industrial domains of aviation, energy, transportation, services, financial and healthcare, built on rich experience in data sciences, machine learning, text mining, NLP, optimization, software and human-computer interaction to drive democratisation of industrial artificial intelligence (AI).

Imaging: Designing better healthcare imaging using AI-computer vision, combined with extensive healthcare industry expertise to analyse clinical data using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Helping unlock a future of precision healthcare enabled through targeted therapy that delivers better patient outcomes.

Imaging and Controls & Optimization: Innovating a revolution in aviation, energy and transportation industries through the creation of intelligence machines aided by dynamic modelling, advanced controls, optimisation, connectivity and real-time edge-compute solutions.

The John F. Welch Centre is a hub of innovation that truly represents the GE ethos of ‘imagination at work’. The results of that imagination are building solutions for markets around the world. Here are three key pillars and products empowering ASEAN with innovation: Power, Healthcare & Aviation.

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