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GE’s Jet Engine Unit Brings Home $36 Billion in New Business at Farnborough Airshow

The Middle East is quickly becoming a new global aviation hub with big plans for the future. Nowhere are those plans better visible than at giant airshows like the one in Farnborough, UK, which finished this week. Emirates and Qatar Airlines, for example, finalized multi-billion orders for Boeing’s next-generation 777X long-haul planes, building on a momentum from last year’s Dubai airshow.

The growth is giving a nice lift to GE’s aviation business, which is developing new GE9X jet engines for the 777X aircraft. A single service order from Emirates added $13 billion to GE’s Farnborough deal tally, which exceeded $36 billion. Combined with $40 billion in new business from Dubai in 2013 and other deals, GE’s aviation unit now sits on a huge $126 backlog in engines and equipment. Take a look at our infographic illustrating GE’s Farnborough dealmaking.


Top Image: Qatar’s Dreamliners are powered by a pair of GEnx engines. Photo Credit: Adam Senatori

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