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How to Build a Man of Steel: Genius Man and the Amazing Physics of Superheroes

A few years ago, physics professor James Kakalios took a playful detour from the lab and the classroom and published The Physics of Superheroes, an engaging explainer of the natural laws and forces driving the amazing feats of Superman, Spider-Man, Magneto and dozens of other heroes and villains. “Reading classic and contemporary superhero comics books now, with the benefit of a Ph.D. in physics, I have found many examples of the correct description and application of physics concepts,” Kakalios writes. “Of course, nearly without exception, the use of superpowers themselves involves direct violations of the known laws of physics, requiring a deliberate and willful suspension of disbelief.”

But what if you could create a superhero that wields amazing powers that remain in the realm of the possible? Scientists at GE Global Research gave it some thought and came up with Genius Man. The strapping fellow sports a protective suit made from a super-strong ceramic composite and “invinci-guard” that shields him from titanic pressures and extreme heat. He also has a powerful laser that can cut through an inch-thick steel at a single pass, and super vision that allows him to see through solid objects.

OK, maybe they did get carried away a bit, but Genius Man could make a worthy sidekick. Hey, Man of Steel, need some help? We’ve heard that General Zod is causing trouble again.

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