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World in Motion Partnership with Quartz Takes GE Content for a Spin

GE engineers have recently designed massive subsea power generators that will soon allow the U.K. to produce electricity from the tides. In Japan, special GE LEDs are helping a local farmer grow 10,000 heads of lettuce per day indoors (see below). Germany just opened a hybrid power plant designed by GE that binds together solar panels, natural gas and batteries with software and makes renewable power more reliable, rather than subject to the vagaries of the weather.

GE has 300,000 employees in more than 140 countries working on cutting edge projects like those above. Working together with the digital publisher Quartz, the company’s marketing team has developed an interactive graphic called World in Motion that allows anyone anywhere with access to the Internet to read stories about them.


The graphic, which launched on Monday, holds 240 pieces of content from 10 regions around the world. Users can sort stories (some of them from GE Reports), slideshows, video and other content by region as well as by 8 core themes like the Industrial Internet, energy, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

Jay Lauf, Quartz’s president and publisher, told Ad Age that World in Motion was “among the largest content-driven projects” his site has worked on.

Jason Hill, GE’s global director of media and content strategy, said the project meets an important need. He said that while people were very familiar with the GE brand, few of them know what GE actually does, particularly in non-U.S. markets. “Really great, engaging content takes people behind the logo and allows us to explain how we are changing the world,” Hill says.

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