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See the Sights. Hear the Sounds. Feel the Power.

In partnership with the New York Times Magazine, we invite you to explore the world of energy like never before.

With three unique stories across print and audio, readers of the New York Times Magazine will have an entirely new perspective of our technology. Experience GE Power and GE Renewable in a sneak peek of the issue, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of our technology in action in the North Sea, Chile, and Uganda.

North Sea: Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

At Merkur Offshore Windfarm, 66 GE Haliade 150-6 megawatt wind turbines will power a half million German homes.


Northern Chile: The Los Changos Power Substation

By connecting two formerly separate power grids, Chilean energy company TEN now transmits more than 99 percent of the country’s power.


Nile River: Bujagali Hydropower Station

The Bujagali Hydropower Station in Uganda powers nearly 50 percent of the country.