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Business Insider: GE CEO Uses His Math Major Every Day, More Than His MBA

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt says he uses his undergraduate degree in mathematics more often than his Harvard MBA. “I use my math major every day, I don’t use the MBA quite as much,” Immelt told Business Insider’s Henry Blodget at the publication’s IGNITION 2015 conference. “I think most things that are about companies are about problem solving,” Immelt said. “In essence … my intellectual curiosity goes more towards problem solving versus spreadsheets.”

Immelt said he was “curious about everything” and that the “inherent intellectual curiosity around math and physics” allowed him to view every situation as a problem to be solved. “I’ve never lost the passion for that as I’ve grown in my career,” he said.

Listen to Immelt’s talk at IGNITION and to his 2016 Annual Outlook for GE.

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