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Building the Future of Engineering with the Edisons at GE Power

Innovation is about building a brighter future. That’s why GE Power is committed to developing the best and brightest engineering talent to build the future of innovation in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

The Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) is a unique accelerated education opportunity for recently graduated engineers. It offers the chance to develop a pipeline of technical talent, creating the next generation of GE engineers to oversee the evolution of the world’s largest installed powerbase.

Members of the program, known as Edisons, benefit from a two or three-year program aimed at developing skills across four operational areas. Participants undertake a number of GE Advance Courses in Engineering, alongside leadership training, on-the-job experience and networking opportunities. It’s the perfect spark to kickstart a successful career in GE Power.  Now we’re proud to welcome three newly graduated Edisons into the GE Power family.

Abhishek Hosadurgam

Abhishek Hosadurgam is an Edison engineer with a belief that leadership is built through leading experience. “GE is a company known for its leaders, and most of them are home-grown through leadership programs like EEDP,” he said, speaking to GE Reports.

“Working with different teams not only helps in understanding the overall business and building the necessary technical acumen, but also networking with some of the world’s best engineers and leaders.”

That leading understanding is built in EEDP through practical hands-on experience. “The EEDP program helped me understand every bit of gas turbine, not through classroom training, but through real-time projects.

“Every task I undertook was new and had to be learnt from scratch… all my mentors and managers were patient enough to evaluate my work, point out the mistakes and share best practices. It is this work-culture and mindset of continuous improvement by employees that sets GE apart from other companies.”

Building the foundations for success with EEDP is also about the people you meet along the way according to Abhishek. “Networking is the most fascinating element of EEDP. Now that I know people around the world, time zones don’t hinder my deliverables. I know exactly who to contact at what time to get things moving.”

So what would he say to the next generation of potential Edisons? “EEDP is not for people who want to have a regular 9 to 5 job. It is for the ones who can get emotionally connected to the team, business, company and themselves. It is a connection that lets them deliver above and beyond!”

Fangchen Yi

Another engineer looking to deliver above and beyond is Fanghen Yi. She was attracted to EEDP due to its prestigious reputation, noting the particular benefits of its two-year rotation opportunity. “I have two years to find out the things which I really enjoy, and the program provides us overseas leadership training. It is quite attractive for a fresher who is ready to enter the professional world,” she said in a recent interview for GE Reports, going on to add “EEDP helps us grow and acquire solid engineering knowledge from principle engineers and experienced senior staff. They provide mentorship not only in technical aspects, but also on important soft skills”

Growth is all about expanding your horizons with EEDP. It’s not just the question of technical expertise, but the ability to embrace a global outlook. “We have met peers from other leadership programs and from different regions, giving us the opportunity to work on projects together. Building a network all over the world to learn their cultures and appreciate diversity is really fun. If you have passion for engineering and want to make an impact on the world, this program is the right choice for you,” says Fangchen.

So what is the most exciting opportunity for this young Edison going forward? “I’d like to see how the application of the big data mindset can transform the power industry, and help our customers operate their machines more intelligently and conveniently.”

Nirranjani Sakthi

Nirranjani Sakthi is another Edison attracted by GE’s world-class reputation, and the transformational opportunity that EEDP presents to aspiring engineers, eloquently highlighting to GE reports that “EEDP is the right platform for those dreamers who want to change this world through technological advancements.”

The diverse learning available to participants of EEDP has helped her, and other members of the program, to acquire a wide range of new engineering knowledge. Yet she also praises the networking potential that the program can bring, noting “I have had mentors from global teams, team mates who reside far away from my time zone, and support from a range of teams to develop my skills. These connections have given us the opportunity to see the bigger picture of how each team is connected, and how none of us are a separate entity in GE.”

Responsibility and personal growth are fundamental to EEDP, something that was key to Nirranjani’s experience. “The accountability that comes with owning projects in every rotation was thrilling. Each rotation is six months, and we get to own and execute at least one project during this time. This is a great way of learning and delivering results in an uncertain world. Each rotation comes with new learning and adapting to the change, which adds the thrill of an adventure to this entire program.”

So should you become a new Edison? The answer is easy for Nirranjani – “Go for it! Aim high, chances are you will live the best days of your life in this program!” She praises the program for “not only developing the engineer in me, but also a leader and a resilient woman.”

That journey has created a positive vision of future engineering opportunity in the region for Nirranjani. “The future will need us to blur the line between fossil and renewables… A lot of research today involves battery storage technologies and for amalgamation of renewable and non-renewable energy sources.  And I want to lead that change.”

What EEDP means to Edisons

The Edison Engineering Development Program isn’t just designed to help Edisons learn, it’s also about nurturing the passion for engineering that’s at the heart of what they do.

Are you the next Edison?

The Edison Engineering Development Program is a unique opportunity to supercharge your engineering career. So could you be part of the next generation of Edisons?

Explore more about the Edison Engineering Development Program and find out how to apply.


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