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Building Capacity – APAC Business & Government Leaders Share Fresh Perspectives

Asia Pacific’s (APAC) position as the engine of global economic growth today, is based on many factors including investment by many nations in the region, to develop new public and private sector leaders.

Drawing on more than 100 years of operations in Asia, and the rest of the world, General Electric (GE) incubates new talent in the region through capacity-building initiatives like the APAC Government Leadership Program (GLP).

In early May, 24 private and public-sector executives from eight APAC countries – Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam. Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and Indonesia – attended the 2018 GLP held at GE’s Crotonville Campus in northern New York (NY).

Over four days (May 4-7), the APAC leaders listened, and participated in forums and presentations hosted by experts from the U.S. government, the banking sector, and GE, on government relations, trade relations, infrastructure financing, workplace trends, and more.

They also visited NY to attend sessions presented by NY University academics on topical business subjects such as the anticipated impact of blockchain technologies, and business ethics in the 21st century.

Like all GE training programs, there was a strong emphasis on two-way dialogue, and exchange of ideas throughout the 2018 GLP said Dimitri Leimonitis, Regional Customer Learning Leader, GE Asia Pacific.

“Programs like GLP offer a rare opportunity for GE executives to meet, and spend time with key APAC leaders driving change in their respective public and private sectors.

“That’s why all sessions include time for discussion, and exchanging ideas, experiences, case studies, and opinions. From a GE perspective, we really valued these opportunities because APAC is one of the fastest growing, and changing, regions in the world. Many markets are eagerly embracing new technologies and ideas, and it was great to hear how they have been received, and the impact they are making,” said Dimitri.

A number of attendees also shared more on some of the key learnings, and things they enjoyed from GLP 2018 in these short interviews.

Lupi Trilaksono, Ministry of Health, Indonesia

Khavan Sok, Ministry of Mines and Energy Cambodia

Chawan Ratanawaraha, Thai Airways

Chansin Treenuchagron, PTT PLC

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