GE’s 1.85-87 wind turbine is designed for Class IIs winds, and offers an 11% increase in swept area and an extra 230 kW output at rated wind speed compared to the 1.6-82.5 turbine. The increase in blade swept area results in a 10% increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP) at 8.5 m/s. 

GE’s proprietary Advanced Loads Control allows siting of the 1.85-87 wind turbine in Class IIs wind regimes, combining drive train sensors and capabilities of the Mark* Vie turbine controller to individually pitch blades and improve loads handling performance.

GE’s stringent design procedures result in a turbine engineered for high performance and availability with the same reliable performance as the rest of GE’s 1-2 MW fleet.

Technical Drawing of 1.85-87

About the 1.85-87

Class: IEC IIs
Hub Heights 80m
Tip Height 123.5m
Noise 107dBA
Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
Blades 42m
Technology Model based controls, vortex generators
98+% Fleet Availability

24/7 Remote Operations

Pattern Energy’s Panhandle Wind Farm features 118 1.85-87 turbines



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