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Space Frame Wind Turbine Tower

GE is pleased to introduce the space frame tower, a logistics-friendly tower with an installation cycle time, aesthetic, and service profile comparable to conventional tubular towers. Available for the 2.5/2.75-120 at 139 m hub height, the space frame tower can be easily delivered to, and assembled at any project site, including those where terrain makes movement of traditional tower sections difficult.

Applications and Benefits 

Stress-free logistics

The elements of the space frame tower are transported via standard 12.2 m (40’) shipping containers or flatbed trailers. The result is predictable, efficient tower delivery across the globe to help keep your project on schedule.

Solid structure aesthetics

The architectural fabric covering provides a solid structure appearance in a structurally-efficient lattice design, benefiting projects which have been permitted for a conventional tower design. The covering provides protection from the weather while still allowing useful ambient light to pass through.

Competitive installation cycle

Using specialized fixtures and applying lean principles, the space frame tower at 139 m hub height will be assembled and installed with an overall cycle time comparable to tubular steel towers of the same hub height.

Service and Maintenance

At 139 m hub height, the space frame tower is assembled with maintenance-free structural fasteners. Every tower is equipped with a specialized lift which can track along 4 of the 5 tower legs, as well as a hoist for tools and equipment. The expanded tower footprint allows for easy access to down tower cabinets and placement of the transformer inside the tower.

Site delivery in 40-foot containers

Certified, maintenance-free fastening system





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