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Renewable Energy Storage for Wind Turbines

Shifting the Winds in Your Favor with Renewable Energy Storage

GE’s brilliant wind turbine platform includes battery storage technology. Integrating this technology into a turbine introduces short-term wind energy storage into the complete turbine system. Additionally, it lets wind farm operators benefit from renewable energy storage without incurring the high costs of farm-level battery installation.

The first-of-its-kind configuration allows the energy storage technology to integrate with three unique software applications. While providing short-term predictable power, this renewable energy storage system lets not only power producers but the wind turbines themselves make decisions informed by data.

Applications and Benefits of Renewable Energy Storage

GE engineers have developed three software applications that are battery-enabled and can easily integrate and work in tandem with a wind turbine to provide multiple benefits.  Developers and operators can choose to run the application (or combination of applications) that best suits the needs of their individual site.

  • Ramp control: Grids may not always be able to absorb additional wind power created by a quick wind speed increase.  The GE Ramp Control application lets the turbine catch extra wind energy and then store it in the battery so that customers can access revenue that was previously unavailable to them.
  • Predictable power: It is critical that power producers provide the grid with consistent power, but changes in the wind can sometimes hinder successful grid integration.  Over periods of 15-60 minutes, the Predictable Power application smooths out any short-term wind peaks and valleys, making it more consistent, and more predictable.
  • Frequency regulation: Grid operators have to keep pace with power demand's constant variability.  The Frequency Regulation application lets wind farms store energy in the battery in order to immediately and precisely respond to changes in load, enhancing turbine flexibility.

Wind Turbine Energy Storage Product Details

Technical Description:

The battery software applications run on the existing control platform and the hardware connects to the existing converter. This minimizes the changes required to accommodate the battery system.

Product Specifications:

Battery sizing varies according to the size of your fleet and application needs. It can be easily adjusted to each customer’s requirements.

The application can connect to the converters of both 1 & 2 MW and 3 MW product lines. The system is available for new units and can be retrofitted to most existing GE turbines.

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Three energy storage apps to best suit your needs

Battery applications are part of GE's Brilliant Platform



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