Adaptable to a full spectrum of wind regimes

Extending the capability of the Digital Wind Farm to our 3 MW machines, GE's 3.2-3.8 MW platform is adaptable to a full spectrum of wind regimes.  The platform includes the 3.6-137, our highest performing turbine for Class III winds.  

Our 3 MW machines share drivetrain and electrical system architecture, with each of those systems being scaled and upgraded for improved performance and greater energy production, as compared to previous models.

Specifications of the 3 MW Platform


Powerful and Efficient

Built upon the technology of its predecessors, the 3 MW platform increases the capacity factor, annual energy production (AEP) and application space for our customers.  With its variable nameplate, hub height and rotor diameter, the addition of the 3 MW platform allows for more flexibility accross wind regimes.

*Turbulence dependent

The 3 MW platform machines are an evolution of the 2.5s turbine, developed in 2004

The 3.4-130 has up to 30% higher AEP, compared to its predecessor the 3.2-103


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