GE’s 2 MW platform of onshore wind turbines has over 5.5 GW installed and operating today. Building on that success, GE offers a 127-meter rotor option for 2.2-2.5 MW rated wind turbines. Featuring the best-in-class capacity factor and a significant improvement in Annual Energy Production (AEP) within the 2 MW range, the 2 MW-127 demonstrates the next step in turbine technology and efficiency, reducing the cost of energy for customers with low and medium wind speed sites.

GE’s 2.0-2.5 MW, 116-meter rotor wind turbine offers 10,660 square meters in swept area, with an Annual Energy Production (AEP) of 11,832 MWh at 8.0 m/s (at a 2.5 rating, 90m HH). GE’s proprietary 56.9-meter blade is designed specifically for the 2.0-2.5 MW rating of this platform, enabling lower loads and improved performance.

GE’s stringent design practices enable a platform of products engineered for exceptional performance and availability. The use of selected components from proven product platforms ensures consistent workhorse performance and reliability. The 2 MW platform drivetrain and electrical system architecture provide improved performance along with greater wind turbine energy production. Other critical components have been scaled from the existing platforms to meet the specific technical requirements of this evolutionary turbine.

Today, GE’s 2 MW Platform wind turbines come equipped and ready to utilize GE's Predix core applications including its Asset Performance Management (APM), Cybersecurity, and Business Optimization (BO) solutions. The digital suite of apps enables improved business outcomes, including lifecycle extension of the customers' windfarms and the improvement of overall farm economics.

The GE 2 MW platform of onshore wind turbines sets the benchmark for consistent performance, reliability, farm level AEP, and efficiency.

About our 2 MW Platform
  2 MW-116 2 MW-127
Hub Heights
Tip Heights 138.3m/148.3m/152m 152.1m
Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz 60Hz
Blades 56.9m 62.2m
IEC Wind Class IIs/IIIs IIs/IIIs
One 2 MW platform wind turbine produces enough electricity on average to power the equivalent of over 1,000 U.S. homes

A GE 2 MW-127 has a rotor swept area equivalent to more than the area of two football fields

A GE 2 MW-127 features the best-in-class capacity factor and a significant improvement in AEP within the 2 MW range for medium to low wind speeds

With variable nameplate offerings, GE has the flexibility to meet a variety of customer needs in capacity factor, noise, and operating life



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