Products & Services for the life of your wind turbine

Get back online and stay connected, faster than you ever thought possible through a reliable and experienced wind turbine service provider. With GE’s suite of turnkey wind turbine parts and services, we have everything you need to keep your wind power operations running – all in one place.

How we save you time and money:

  • Faster ordering. Streamline your wind turbine parts purchases with GE’s REstore system that allows customers to search and order parts on demand. Eliminate service downtime and the need to search for wind turbine parts suppliers or manufacturers. Instead, enter in the wind parts code directly with GE and have your parts order placed within minutes.

  • Faster delivery. Every minute a wind turbine is down is money lost. GE’s Wind Parts Center of Excellence provides customers with a 24/7 parts call center that ensures the right parts and an enhanced response time.

  • The turnkey solutions you need. Whether you’re interested in wind turbine services like digital monitoring, up-tower repairs, or major wind turbine component exchanges for blades, gearboxes, wind turbine shafts or generators, we offer competitive solutions across the entire portfolio.

  • Enhanced uptower wind turbine service capabilities. Our uptower service offerings focus on repairing as much uptower as possible, and providing service with fewer or smaller cranes. This reduces lifecycle cost and lets you focus on what matters.

  • GE and Non-GE platform capabilities. Many of our wind turbine repair solutions are either directly translatable, or easily adaptable to many non-GE platforms. Get the benefits of GE expertise on your entire wind portfolio.

Whether you’re looking for small wind turbine components or a full turnkey services solution, our world-class portfolio of wind turbine services can you help you get going (or get going again).

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Spare parts

GE‘s wind parts operations center, 24/7 parts call center, and regional inventory support are well-aligned to empower operators by providing essential parts when and where you need them. With an extensive catalog including consumables, maintenance parts, and capital spares, we can deliver world class parts with speed, and without the need to track down wind turbine parts companies or suppliers.
Download the Spare Parts fact sheet

Wind Gearbox repair & services

GE’s gearbox service technology expertise has advanced on both new design and field service – with a keen focus on delivering lower lifecycle costs on one of the most expensive wind turbine components. GE’s extensive service capabilities aim to do as much up-tower as possible, reduce the need for cranes, and enable upgraded wind turbine replacement parts when possible.
Download the Gearbox Services fact sheet


Wind Generator parts & services

With a rich heritage in generator technology and services, GE’s extensive wind turbine generator service capabilities offer an array of solutions to ensure asset performance and production. Contact us to see how GE’s technology and service offerings for generator services can help you manage your assets.
Download the Generator Services fact sheet

Wind Blade services

Our design knowledge and composite expertise shapes our engineered blade solutions to ensure this vital wind power component performs as designed across multiple turbine OEM platforms.
Download the Blade Services fact sheet