Simplifying Operations & Maintenance

GE is your ally in simplifying fleet operations while maintaining superior performance.  With our experience and technical knowledge, we can help you manage your portfolio to your desired metrics and risk levels.  Our flexible suite of offerings can be tailored to meet your needs and budget, all with the ease of having one point of contact to manage your services needs.

Managing Your Wind Farm...

As a leading wind turbine manufacturer no one knows wind turbines better, and our team uses this knowledge to help you manage your entire portfolio. Our technical experience, backed by data-driven insights and industry-leading trouble-shooting practices, support smart maintenance and repairs while prioritizing lifecycle costs and guaranteed availability. GE can be your one stop shop to help you meet your profitability metrics.

Flexible Wind Services Packages

Extended Service Agreement (ESA)

GE's newest and most comprehensive services package, the Expanded Service Agreement builds on the OSA, FSA to include Asset Management and Park Management.  Additionally, the ESA can help you gain more power from your assets by employing Wind PowerUp* Services to your farm or fleet. 

Full Service Agreement (FSA)

Building on the benefits of the OSA, the FSA adds coverage for unplanned repair. GE takes on responsibility for the troubleshooting, repair, parts and materials for events covered in the scope of the FSA. This helps to minimize customer risk while maximizing site performance. 

Operational Services Agreement (OSA)

The OSA provides on-site staffing to support the day-to-day operations of your site, including coverage for manual resets, initial troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance, performance analysis reports, and a production-based availability guarantee.

GE Technicians climb ~6000 vertical miles per year; the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest over 1090 times

Level 3 GE Technicians typically have a 2-year degree and over 500 hours of classroom, online, and practical training



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Maintaining Your Wind Power Equipment...

At GE, we service and tune major systems within the turbine to avoid potential downtime and under performance. We have developed specialized upgrades, repairs, and exchange techniques driving the uptime of your turbines.

We can monitor, troubleshoot, and inspect:


With advanced sensors and analytics, we can troubleshoot uptower, offering an array of gearbox and generator remanufacturing options in addition to fixed rotor gearbox replacement to reduce crane requirements.


  • Our experience allows for uptower repairs and upgrades, including surface and structural repairs
  • Upgrades that include: Leading edge protection, low noise serrations and aero enhancements
  • Single blade exchange and optimized blade bearing exchange  with   reduced crane requirements

Converter & controls

  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Remanufactured control cards to latest revision
  • SCADA – upgrade, customize and troubleshooting

Parts & Transactional Sales

With your GE wind turbines, you have access to our reliable parts program- including capital spares – blades, gearboxes, generators, and more. With over 325 suppliers and a diligent qualification process GE provides a robust parts inventory. The power of the GE footprint resulted in an on time delivery of 94% for 2015 for in-warranty downed turbines. Our reliable 24/7 support results in reduced downtime of your turbines.

For more information, or to order parts 24 hours a day, visit GE’s REstore, GE’s online parts store, accessible via GE's MyDashboard.

GE Advanced Services and Transactional Repair

Major Component Exchange/Crane Services:

  • Traditional gearbox exchange
  • Fixed rotor gearbox exchange (without removing the rotor, main shaft is reused) – S, SLE, XLE
  • Main shaft replacement
  • Generator replacement
  • Single blade/full blade set exchange


  • End-of-warranty
  • Gearbox borescope
  • Blade
  • Generator frame
  • Up-tower gearbox borescope inspections and repair


  • Customized reliability upgrades
  • Converter upgrades
  • Oil bypass filtration
  • Auto lubrication
  • SCADA upgrades, maintenance, and subscriptions