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A suite of parts and repair offerings to keep your onshore wind turbines online and running at capacity


GE is your ally in simplifying fleet operations while maintaining superior performance

As a leading wind turbine repair company, GE combines technical expertise and rigor to keep your turbines online by servicing and repairing major systems within the turbine to avoid potential downtime and underperformance. This is all backed by data-driven insights, which enable us to drive down your O&M costs through intelligent monitoring.

We have developed specialized upgrades, repairs, and exchange techniques to ensure superior wind turbine performance, through unique detection and diagnostic capabilities. Key features of our wind turbine upgrades and parts repairs:

  • Continuous investment in technology
  • Reduce unplanned risk and downtime
  • Wind turbine repair technology expertise, including crane-less technology and customizable offerings
  • Upgraded components and software for improved performance
  • Wind turbine parts: 24-hour response time, GE IP
  • GE and non-GE platform capabilities



10+ years


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Field services

Field services


In addition to wind turbine repair services, we apply robust methods to monitor, troubleshoot and inspect your turbines, boosting uptime and lifecycle production.

We have the expertise, tools, and processes:

  • Safety: The central focus of all wind turbine repair training and procedures
  • Quality: Technical skillsets and know-how ensure repairs for your wind farm are done right
  • Issue resolution: Technical experts who know when something doesn’t look right, and how to fix it


  • With advanced sensors and analytics, we can troubleshoot obstacles up-tower, offering an array of wind turbine gearbox and generator remanufacturing options in addition to fixed rotor gearbox replacement to reduce crane requirements

Wind turbine blade repairs

  • Our experience allows for up-tower repairs and upgrades, including surface and structural repairs
  • Single wind turbine blade exchange and optimized blade bearing exchange with reduced crane requirements

Converter and controls

  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Remanufactured control cards to latest revision.

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Spare wind turbine parts

Spare wind turbine parts


Availability of parts is critical to keep your wind farms running smoothly. GE’s Wind Parts Center of Excellence provides a full range of offerings to support your preferred level of service. From wind turbine maintenance kits and wear and tear flow parts to gearboxes and blades, our team gets you what you need. Our forecasting capability, driven by fleet-wide parts consumption data configuration and management knowledge, can even help to predict what you may need. 

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Wind turbine repairs

Wind turbine repairs and replacements


Manage lifecycle costs and risk with an evolving suite of innovative, economical solutions. Technology for fast, economical wind farm and turbine repairs.

Reduce unplanned risk and wind farm downtime

  • Apply digital monitoring and diagnostic solutions to enable wind turbine repairs
    Identify potential issues as early as possible to apply the best solution
  • Repair as much up-tower as possible
    Replace only what is damaged to reduce labor, material, and downtime
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for cranes
    Eliminate / reduce crane requirements AND mitigate weather outage risk
  • Adapt existing tools and capabilities across platforms
    Maximize up-tower and craneless technology application with proven technology
  • Inform new wind unit design with prior serviceability lessons-learned
    Continuous improvement & evolution of GE Wind technology

Wind turbine blade repair capabilities

  • Every level of turbine blade repair from cosmetic repair to large structural
  • Lightning protection system validation and repairs
  • Leading Edge protection application: GE is partnering with industry leading companies to provide best in class LEP
  • Cutting edge wind turbine blade inspection technology: Drone, thermographic, acoustic, traditional, and burst photography

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Sabre wind turbine blade inspection system

reduces your blade O&M costs by up to ~25%. Sabre is a one stop inspection solution that is applicable for your entire fleet—regardless of wind turbine model or manufacturer and can be completed with your blades still rotating, which maintains output and saves you money and increases the wind turbine’s lifecycle. The SABRE camera system is mounted to the bed of a truck and taken to the base of your wind turbine. The camera system takes images of your turbine blades, with the turbine still running, that provide real-time view of the subsurface of the blade. SABRE, when combined with GE’s digital capabilities, provides advanced imaging.

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