Earn up to 10% additional AEP with GE’s PowerUp platform

Building on a strong power generation heritage spanning more than a century, our services organization operates locally in over 30 countries and has decades of experience delivering solutions to our customers. Our full suite of wind service solutions has been built on our continued commitment to maximizing customer value by increasing turbine reliability and availability, reducing downtime and improving lifetime performance of wind turbine assets worldwide.

Our wind service packages add value to your existing portfolio by offering graduated levels of support with offerings tailored specifically to your needs.

Wind PowerUp Platform

GE’s PowerUp Platform, a GE Predictivity solution, is a results-based, customized suite of software and hardware-enabled technologies created to increase a wind farm’s output by up to 10%, taking into account environmental conditions. PowerUp Platform is available for turbine models across GE’s installed base and is part of GE’s Brilliant Turbine platform, which harnesses the Industrial Internet to drive higher output and create new revenue streams for wind farm operators.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 10% increased annual energy output, resulting in higher ROI
  • Before-and-after wind farm power analysis, validating turbine performance improvements
  • Flexible, outcome-based, commercial offering available for new or existing O&M contracts
Powered by the Industrial Internet

Up to 10% increase in AEP


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PulsePOINT Monitoring Service

GE’s PulsePOINT Monitoring Service identifies wind turbine issues before a turbine faults using a combination of two systems. GE’s Bently Nevada ADAPT.wind Condition Monitoring System analyzes drive train vibration data using sophisticated algorithms. It was developed from GE’s years of experience in monitoring and prognostics of jet engines, helicopters, locomotives, and oil and gas rotating equipment. In addition, turbine operational SCADA data is analyzed in parallel using statistical algorithms established through our expertise in analyzing previous failures on our unit fleet of over 25,000. This knowledge helps to prevent reoccurrence and improve turbine operating behavior.

By discovering issues before they trip a turbine offline, this service avoids component damage and production/availability losses. You can protect your asset—from blade tip to foundation bolts—through advanced monitoring and diagnostics of:

  • Turbine Underproduction Anomalies
  • SCADA Data Anomalies
  • Drivetrain Vibration Threshold Alarming†
  • Drivetrain Vibration Anomalies†
  • † Requires GE’s Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring System (CMS)


GE’s WindSCADA system is an integrated set of advanced operational tools intended to enhance wind plant performance by bringing together plant-wide operational control capabilities with data availability, external interfaces, analysis, troubleshooting, real-time visualization, and data management features.

The WindSCADA system provides a comprehensive set of tools that monitor, analyze, and control wind turbines in order to:

  • Improve response time and operational efficiency by supporting proactive management of anomalies
  • Improve productivity by characterizing performance variation using the advanced set of analytical tools
  • Increase consistency in troubleshooting by providing an alarm guidance tool
  • Improve enterprise integration with its advanced suite of external interfaces