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Wind Farm Optimization

Getting the Most from Your Fleet

GE is on the cutting edge of technology to enhance your farm or entire fleet smarter, more connected, and more efficient. Our newest upgrades are helping customers across the globe get more from their current assets and make better, faster decisions based on actual, current data.

Wind PowerUp* Services

PowerUp is a results-based, customized application, created to increase the annual energy production (AEP) of your wind farm by up to 8%.

Available for all turbine models across GE’s installed base, it employs a gateway device to connect your wind farm securely to the Industrial Internet. Once connected, new asset performance management capabilities are unlocked, enabling real time enhancements of wind farm production levels to turbine-specific environmental, operational, and economic conditions.

“The PowerUp system offers a great chance for owners like us who are investing literally billions of dollars in this market to try and get more production out of existing assets.   GE took a lot of risk out of this for us."

– Patrick Woodson, CEO, E.ON Climate & Renewables

Technical Differentiation

When PowerUp is activated for your fleet, GE’s software performs a complete historical analysis of each asset’s configuration, performance, and operational history along with the environmental conditions of the site. After establishing a baseline for each turbine, the software determines the potential increase in annual energy production using lifecycle analytics on a model of your asset and site, known as a digital twin. The digital twin serves as a framework to develop data relevant to a turbine’s performance, history and site conditions.


Digital Wind Farm

GE’s Digital Wind Farm is a comprehensive hardware & software solution including our newest, customizable wind turbines, a predictive analytics software platform, and performance optimization controls technology. Through the constant collection of real time data—weather, component messages, service reports, performance of similar models in GE’s fleets—a predictive model is built and the data collected is turned into actionable insights. This model can perform advanced planning, such as forecasting a ‘plan of the day’ for turbine operation, determining a highly efficient strategy to execute planned maintenance activities, and providing warnings about upcoming unplanned maintenance events, all of which ultimately generates more output and revenue for the customer. Click here to learn more about the next evolution of wind energy.