More production and revenue, less risk: A suite of digital wind power tools

Our customers determine our success, and PowerUp—a comprehensive digital analytics suite of hardware and software solutions for your wind farms and turbines--enables us to align directly to customer outcomes, delivering reliable performance gains through wind turbine and farm analytics over the lifetime of your fleet.

Wind PowerUp Analytics Services

The combination of a results-based, customized analytics platform and aerodynamic efficiency improvements and controls for variable speed efficiency, GE’s PowerUp wind energy optimization services can increase the annual energy production (AEP) of your wind farm by up to 8%.

Technical Differentiation

When the PowerUp platform is activated for your fleet, GE’s wind turbine analytics software performs a complete historical analysis of each asset’s configuration, performance, and operational history along with the environmental conditions of the site. After establishing a baseline for each turbine, GE’s wind energy performance software will determine the potential increase in annual energy production using lifecycle data analytics on a model of your asset and site. With your turbines connected to the industrial Internet, you can achieve real-time optimizations of wind farm production levels based on turbine-specific environmental, operational, and economic conditions.

Commercial Innovation

The PowerUp wind analytics platform is a lifecycle asset performance offering available for new or existing Flexible Service Agreements that continues to increase a wind farm’s AEP as new GE technologies are introduced. PowerUp is a flexible, analytics-focused outcome-based, commercial offering that allows wind farm operators to pay only for validated performance improvements.

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PowerUp tool for wind assets

PowerUp is a wind analytics platform with a suite of performance dials and levers to optimize a wind turbine’s operation and help enhance its energy production, resulting in a customized solution that helps increase annual energy production.

Predictive wind analytics also assesses the rate at which the drivetrain moves, measured in rotations per minute (rpm). Speed (balanced with torque) directly affects bearing rotations, gear rotations, generator voltage and blade noise.

The torsional force that flows through the drivetrain, measured in Newton-meters. Torque, balanced with speed, directly affects bearing thrust, gear contact stress and generator current.

Another factor taken into account in wind turbine analytics tools is the position of the blade on the turbine that determines the aerodynamic efficiency of the rotor. Pitch directly affects the energy yield, mechanical loads, and thrust through the drivetrain.

The position of the turbine nacelle as it relates to the wind direction. Nacelle yaw position directly impacts the energy yield and mechanical loads, making it a focus of digital wind energy optimizations through PowerUp.

The efficiency of a blade configuration to extract energy from the wind, as measured by the rotor coefficient of power (Cp). Wind farm optimization and efficiency is directly affected by the blade profile, surface finish, lift and drag. The maximum theoretical value for efficiency is 59%, also known as the Betz limit.

The brain of the wind turbine. Wind turbine controls manage the interaction between the components, the environment and the operator to produce reliable energy.

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