Wind Energy Turbine Services

Our team provides flexible and customized operations and maintenance support to fit your specific needs.

We offer tiered levels of service offerings ranging from remote monitoring to fully maintaining your plant, as well as a wide range of performance-enhancing upgrades to keep your turbines running smoothly.  Whether you're looking for support with unplanned maintenance or interested in upgrading your farm or fleet with our digital applications, we can meet your needs. 


Want to get the most out of your wind power assets? Reach out to GE's team to start the conversation.

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WInd Farm Operation & Maintenance

Get professional services support, maintenance, parts replacement, routine inspections, and 24/7 remote monitoring from GE's wind services team.

Operate & Maintain  

Wind Farm Optimization

We turn data into actionable insights that help you continuously improve production.

Enhance & Optimize  

Wind Turbine Optimization Upgrades

Wind hardware and software can help monitor, optimize, and enhance the performance of wind turbines.


Offshore Wind Services

Increasing reliability and availabilty with expertise and predictive analytics.

Offshore Wind Services  

Technicians & Training

GE provides a rigorous certification process with 1,200 hours of practical and classroom experience in its fleet.  We have two Wind Energy Learning Centers in Niskayuna, NY, USA and Salzbergen, Germany where technicians are trained—with an acute focus on safety—to inspect and repair actual GE wind turbine components. GE wind technicians can earn up to 50 college credits toward completing their Wind Technician Certification Program by partnering online with Excelsior College. 

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Service & Repair Centers

At GE quality is our number one priority.  From our wind service technicans to our fleet reliability engineers, we have expertise across turbine systems and implement maintenance and troubleshooting practices, all with the goal of maximizing turbine lifecycle. At our repair development centers our team of experienced engineers focus on creating new tooling and processes that enable more uptower repair, resulting in lower costs and less downtime.  

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