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Digital solutions for wind farms

Delivering reliable results for our customers

The digital transformation of wind energy’s operational data into value is key

Wind farms generate an enormous amount of operational data & analytics. GE provides renewable energy customers with detailed, actionable information obtained through digital monitoring of their wind asset systems.  With data-driven insights, expert recommendations and advanced field services—all integrated into a single wind energy software platform—we can help increase revenue, reduce costs and lower risk.

GE does more than just provide data or insights on wind turbine and farms. Our OEM-agnostic applications analyze, operationalize and monetize assets, allowing us to deliver outcomes that impact the bottom line in digital wind farm management and performance.





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What is a digital wind farm?

The Digital Wind Farm is an end-to-end wind energy system that leverages data, analytics, and software applications in partnership with our hardware and services solutions to enhance efficiency, cybersecurity, reliability, and profitability of your assets over their lifetime.

Offered as a part of GE's expanded services agreements, digital wind energy technology is built on the Predix platform, which provides a digital infrastructure for your wind farm, enabling you to collect, visualize and analyze asset-, farm- and fleet-level wind power analytics. The result allows for advanced wind performance and predictive maintenance capabilities. Through the constant collection of this data—weather, component information, service reports and performance of similar models throughout the GE fleet—a digital wind predictive model is built and data is turned into actionable insights.

These models serve as the basis of our new suite of digital wind energy software applications, allowing wind farm operators to enhance predictive wind maintenance strategies, improve reliability and availability, and increase annual energy production. From field service teams and site managers to diagnostic engineers to CIOs, the Digital Wind Farm provides and end-to-end business-focused solution for your entire enterprise. 


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What is a digital wind farm?

Watch this short video to learn more about what a digital wind farm is.

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Key features from GE’s digital solutions for wind assets


GE Renewable Energy Digital Services is a digital service provider for renewable assets across the globe. We offer solutions that provide a continuous flow of hard data taken from the field and advanced wind farm analytics to help customers reduce costs and risk while increasing revenue every month.

  • Connect: Real-time access to wind turbine data & analytics

    Connect: Real-time access to wind turbine data & analytics
  • Analyze: Identify the problem

    Analyze: Identify the problem
  • Fix: Deploy resources

    Fix: Deploy resources
  • Create Outcomes: Achieve results

    Create Outcomes: Achieve results

Connect: Real-time access to wind turbine data & analytics

With wind energy software & applications including WindSCADA, Edge to Cloud, eSCADA, and Cybersecurity Services, we acquire and manage critical data, view and control our turbines in real time, and ensure that we and our customers are protected from digital threats. Our eSCADA wind power software is the operating system of a 15,000+ asset global operations center that provides real-time visibility, communications, and control.

Analyze: Identify the problem

This is digital Asset Performance Management - GE’s financially optimized approach helps boost key performance metrics while driving down costs. Every year, our team resolves 2,000+ wind farm analytics anomalies before they happen.

Fix: Deploy resources

When our field service management is applied to the digitalization of wind energy, it results in significantly increased field engineers' productivity and fleet efficiencies. Using our Digital Plan of the Day, site managers at 100 onshore wind sites are gathering high-performance wind power metrics and analytics through seamless connection between the site and its technicians.

For onshore wind farms throughout Brazil, Digital Plan of Day saved 90 man-hours, increased year-over-year applied time by 35%, and a reduced the average loss of megawatt hours by 33%.

Create outcomes: Achieve results

Using PowerUp AEP Optimization and Fleet Excellence applications, our flexible service agreements, combined with wind energy digitalization, result in an average revenue increase of more than 5%, as well as a 10% reduction in cost and a 10% reduction in risk. We analyze a constant influx of data from wind turbines and apply commercial models—from outcome guarantees to software as a service—and use that data to create scenarios that capture the most amount of energy for the lowest cost.


Inside GE’s Digital Wind Farm

GE's Digital Wind Farm For Onshore Wind

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