Optimizing wind power generation lifetime output

The long-term performance potential of a wind farm is only partially determined at the manufacturing and construction stages.

The best design and construction will be of little benefit if the operating and maintaining service is not fully optimized.

That is why GE operates a global network of local service centers and offers a full range of packages and services in order to:

  • Enhance availability
  • Improve energy generation
  • Optimize component and system lifetime

The key to achieving these objectives lies in highly reliable products combined with effective planned maintenance resulting in increased production. This is achieved thanks to carefully selected predictive and preventive service activities as well as suitable upgrades and retrofits.

In accordance with our clean power strategy, we always consider profitability and commercial excellence in the wider context of environmental, health and safety (EHS) matters.

Corrective Maintenance consists of repairing breakdowns or performing unscheduled emergency maintenance. Data analyses and equipment control enables us to determine any potential incidents in real-time. In order to minimize the impact of these corrective activities, predictive activities are carried out supported by a stock of spare parts and critical components, stored either in the wind farms or in our warehouses.

Addtionally, and as a complement to the activities mentioned above, predictive actions such as oil analyses, vibration measurements, and thermography etc. are also performed in order to anticipate any slowly-developing malfunctions to minimize any unforeseen breakdowns.

Finally, preventive maintenance refers to all maintenance actions that are programmed in the wind turbine maintenance manual (operations and regular inspections), which are necessary to guarantee the life of the machines and operation under optimum conditions.


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