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Introducing the Haliade-X 12 MW, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world to date, featuring a 12 MW capacity (the world’s first), 220-meter rotor, a 107-meter blade designed by LM Wind Power, and digital capabilities. In addition to being the most powerful offshore wind turbine, the Haliade-X will also be the most efficient of wind turbines in the ocean. Best of all, it’s capable of transforming more wind into power than any other offshore wind turbine today.

The Haliade-X 12 MW also features a 63% capacity factor*—five to seven points above industry standard. Each incremental point in capacity factor represents around $7 million in revenue for our customers over the life of a windfarm.

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Power meets efficiency

The offshore wind turbine design of the Haliade-X is what makes it unique.

The combination of a bigger rotor, longer blades and higher capacity factor makes Haliade-X less sensitive to wind speed variations, increasing predictability and the ability to generate more power at low wind speeds. The Haliade-X can capture more Annual Energy Production (AEP) than any other offshore wind turbine even at low wind conditions.

This 12 MW ocean wind turbine can also generate 67 GWh annually, which is more AEP than the most powerful machines on the market today, and twice as much as the Haliade 150-6MW. One Haliade-X 12 MW can generate enough clean power to supply 16,000 European households according to wind conditions on a typical German North Sea site.

A 750 MW Haliade-X 12 MW windfarm based on an estimated AEP,  could produce enough power for up to 1 million households.

The Haliade-X 12 MW features a 63% capacity factor*

One Haliade-X 12 MW turbine can power the equivalent of up to 16,000 European homes

12 MW capacity (the world’s first), 220-meter rotor diameter, 107-meter blade length



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Haliade-X 12 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Bottom line impact

Haliade-X 12 MW doesn’t just set a new benchmark for the power of wind turbines at sea. It can also bring higher profitability to customers. The Haliade-X 12 MW provides significant savings across offshore wind turbine manufacturing, installation cycle times, service and repairs, through its simplified process and intelligent components. While the Haliade-X 12 MW sea turbine is well-suited for high-to-medium wind speed environments, its larger capacity can produce energy even at lower wind speeds, increasing profits and dramatically lowering the levelized cost of energy.

With fewer machines and offshore wind turbine foundations to install, in addition to reduced cycle times and simplified operation, the Haliade-X 12 MW generates robust savings on overall project cost (CAPEX Balance of Plant**) over the life of a windfarm, saving an average of $26 million per turbine per 100 MW when compared to Haliade 150-6MW.

Digital tools are currently being developed exclusively for the offshore environment with an operations approach, that will help customers perform remote diagnostics, improve time management (less time at sea) and optimize operations.

Haliade-X Specifications
Rated Power 12 MW
Rotor Diameter 220m
Blade Length 107m
Rotor Swept Area 38,000m²
Total Height 260m
Capacity Factor 63%
Gross AEP 67 GWh
Haliade-X 12 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Investing in the future

The offshore wind market is booming and is expected to grow significantly over the next two decades; from today’s 14 GW install capacity to 100 GW+ by 2030. Recognizing this need, GE is leading the field of offshore wind turbine manufacturers by investing $400 million over the next three to five years in development and deployment of the Haliade-X.

This investment will take place over the next two to five years and includes a $57 (€46) million investments in Saint-Nazaire to adapt the site for Haliade-X nacelle assembly. Saint Nazaire’s know-how will play a crucial and leading role in the development of this innovative project, with offshore wind turbine construction at higher capacities. An additional $93 (€75) million in Cherbourg for tooling, blade molds, assembly line and blade development.  This project will create 550 direct jobs in Cherbourg over the course of the next 3 years (around 100 in 2018).

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*Capacity factor compares how much energy was generated against the maximum that could have been produced at continuous full power operation during a specific period of time.

**Balance of Plant (BOP) is the costs attributed to one unit over its lifetime – O&M, operating expenses.