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Renewable energy commercial partnering and development

Helping provide execution certainty for renewable energy developers and investors around the world

Adapting to renewable energy industry challenges

The renewable energy industry is in transition: Markets that are increasingly subsidy-free and a more competitive Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) are creating a more challenging environment in which to develop and execute renewable energy projects. As growth of renewable energy grows worldwide and revenue levels continue to drop, there is less remaining value for everyone involved in the project lifecycle. Developers and investors are looking for predictable returns from renewable energy in these unpredictable times.

As a leading renewable energy development company, GE Renewable Energy is addressing these challenges by adapting our approach to suit our customers’ needs and customizing our solutions to create value throughout project development. By optimizing the renewables value chain both technically and commercially from a very early stage, GE Renewable Energy puts its technical and commercial tools to work—helping provide execution certainty for developers and investors around the world.

Our renewables development capabilities

Throughout the renewable energy development process, GE tailors each project in each market, pulling together the right combination of technical and commercial tools.

Development capital and expertise for renewables projects

We offer development capital and expertise to our partners, and credit support for auctions, grid or planning requirements.

Development loans and equity

From development loans to equity, we customize our renewable energy development funding solutions for each customer, adapting the approach to each project’s development structure. 

Renewable energy industry financial structuring and capitals indication

We have a global network with access to financial structuring and capitals indications--with our own partners, potential equity and in-depth partners, or GE Energy Financial Services.

Renewable power purchase agreements and complex offtake solutions

Our team has in-depth expertise in originating and executing Power Purchase Agreements and customizing complex offtake solutions.

Expertise in wind power generation


We also offer a wide range of other services and digital solutions for your wind assets.

Onshore wind solutions

GE is harnessing onshore wind energy potential with a broad family of smart, modular turbines that are uniquely suited for a variety of wind environments.


Offshore wind turbines

GE is leading the way in advanced wind power technology with offshore wind farms, including the most powerful offshore turbine to date.