Spinning of all four Francis Turbines was done in less than a day

GE has designed over 1,500 Francis Turbines with a combined output of over 140 GW

Dependable, Clean Energy to Power the Grid

Uri-II, a run of river Hydro Power Plant on the Jhelum River in Jammu and Kashmir State of India, is owned and operated by NHPC Ltd. NHPC Ltd. Is a Government of India undertaking, which has more than 40 years of hydro power expertise and is a major power producer. Uri-II has an underground power station and NHPC Ltd built this plant downstream of the Uri-I Hydro Power Plant—which is also owned and operated by NHPC.

GE supplied the power generation equipment and installed it in difficult conditions, including harsh weather. With the full support of NHPC Ltd., GE accomplished this task over a period of five years, despite frequent disturbances and intermittent insurgency issues. Also, as the plant is situated close to the India-Pakistan border, it was necessary to follow special security precautions..

Project components in sync

GE installed an electro-mechanical package comprised of four 60 MW Francis vertical hydro turbines, and generators, as well as auxiliary balance-of-plant components. The core of the turnkey project, the Francis turbine, is a product that can deliver efficiencies of more than 95% and GE has designed over 1,500 Francis Turbines with a combined output of over 140 GW.

All of the units were synchronized in phases and have been in commercial operation, with the last entering service in March 2014.

Timely completion

Spinning of all four Francis turbines was done in less than a day and the project was completed on time in 2014, despite significant obstacles that needed to be overcome. The Uri-II plant will stabilize the Northern India Power grid with a more reliable power supply for nine states in the region, and will help alleviate power shortages in India.

Francis Unit