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Solar panels

Solar panels on China's Tianjin factory roof


Photovoltaic panels

6,400 MWh

annual average power generation estimated


of the site's electric consumption provided

3,700 tons

Reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide

At GE Hydro Solutions, our primary mission is to build sustainable hydropower projects because, with hydropower, we can decarbonize industries with clean energy and provide affordable energy for generations.

But our mission goes beyond this. It is also our duty to limit the impact of our operations on the environment. GE Hydro Solutions has committed to achieve carbon neutrality for its direct activities and its energy consumption by 2030, and to reduce these related emissions by 50% by this date. In order to meet these goals, we’re taking action across the globe.

In 2022, the GE Hydro Solutions team in China installed 11,111 additional solar panels on the roof of the Tianjin manufacturing site, completing the 2,000 panels installed in 2009 when the site was built.

The 13,111 photovoltaic panels are connected to the grid with an estimated annual average power generation of 6,400 MWh, which can provide more than 30%* of the site's electrical consumption that was evaluated at around 14,000 MWh in 2021.

tainjin china

These panels will help reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide by 3,700 tons, but also save energy costs for the site.

Brian Selby, Hydro APAC Leader, said: “Aware of our impact on our environment, these photovoltaic panels will help us reduce the energy costs of our operations and reduce load pressure on the grid during peak hours. This achievement is the perfect illustration of our commitment towards sustainability. In addition to our primary mission that is to build sustainable hydropower projects, we go beyond and aim to limit our impact across the globe. I’m proud of this project and thank all the team involved.

*part of the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels is distributed to the grid