It’s Easy Being Green: How Wind Farms are Helping Provide Renewable, Competitively Priced Energy to Businesses

Industries Agree: The Future is Green

Until recently, the energy market was predictable—and impersonal. Customers would pay utilities for their service, rinse, and repeat. But with the growing demand for renewable energy, all that has changed. Many corporations are working directly with renewable power suppliers to ensure that the energy that powers their facilities is as green as possible. For example, Microsoft recently signed a 15-year deal to buy all the wind energy from a large wind farm in rural Ireland to power its Irish data center.

GE helped to facilitate this deal, with GE Capital financing the wind farm, and GE Renewable Energy helping to arrange the renewable power contract, connecting Microsoft to an individual wind farm as part of a wind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Renewable PPAs are just the start of an emerging trend for tech companies: “It’s not just fluffy corporate responsibility strategies,” says Uli Suedhoff, a director at GE Renewable Energy in Europe. “They want to buy competitively priced energy.”

And future customers go beyond tech: GE is working with a list of companies that includes Coca-Cola, IKEA, BMW, and others are a part of the Renewable 100, a group of organizations that have committed to going 100% carbon-free. And with prices becoming more competitive, a world where Power Purchase Agreements that facilitate renewable energy deals becomes closer to reality each and every day.

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