118 1.7-100 wind turbines

13B energy equivalent to making 13B SNICKERS® bars


Commissioned on October 1, 2015, the power produced by the Mesquite Creek Wind Farm will offset 100% of MARS, Inc.’s North American Operations, including 70 US sites and 25,000 employees.  Spanning over 25,000 acres and featuring 118 of GE’s 1.7-100 wind turbines, Mesquite Creek will produce energy equivalent to:

  • Powering 61,000 average US households
  • Making 13 billion SNICKERS® bars
  • Making 125 million forty pound bags of PEDIGREE®
  • Making 188 billion sticks of ORBIT® gum

MARS took this step as a part of their goal to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2040.