A global training program aiming at developing the knowledge and competencies of local people in the field of hydropower.

Customized trainings delivered to 180 trainees in Laos & Ethiopia.





A training program serving local talents

For more than one century, GE has developed its business strategy to meet the social needs of its customers and the communities the company serves. GE positions itself as a partner of choice.

In 2016, GE Renewable Energy decided to accelerate and broaden a new social responsibility program to go one step further. Relying on education, practice and local development, this global training program aims at developing the knowledge and competencies of local people in the field of hydropower. “As one of the largest global company, GE can have an impact on daily lives of millions of people. This creates duty and responsibility”, says Yves Rannou, President and CEO of GE Renewable Energy’s Hydro Solutions.

Committed partners

GE Renewable Energy co-creates and customizes this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in full collaboration with its partners, from governments to customers and universities. Customized trainings delivered by committed GE experts boost the trainees’ empowerment in hydropower. To develop this hydropower technology curriculum, GE worked closely with local universities and schools.

The purpose is for GE to share its expertise in hydropower on specific topics such as turbines, generators, operation and maintenance, security, finance, leadership, and support the construction of the hydro testing facilities equipped with components from its factories. This program also intends to share with local community the benefits of hydropower development through electrification, localization and community management.

New knowledge and improved skills in Laos and Ethiopia

GE launched early 2017 this program in Laos and Ethiopia. Five classes were offered by GE experts in Laos to 150 trainees (professors, university and vocational school students, customers’ employees and top management) and two classes in Ethiopia to 30 trainees.

“This program is very important for us and teachers to get new knowledge and transmit it to our students”, says Keo Vilaythong, International Cooperation of Polytechnic College in Laos.

“GE has fixed long-term and sustainable objectives based on win-win relationships. That’s why we are working closely with GE”, adds Dr. Esayas G/Yohannes, Executive Director of Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Ethiopia.

As GE is convinced that being a trustworthy long-term social partner is crucial, GE is committed to train and develop the future operators of the hydropower plant GE delivers and support the development of hydropower in high growth countries.

We thank our partners: Electricité du Laos, National University of Laos, Polytechnic College of Laos, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology-Ethiopia.