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Exelon and GE: Forecasting the future

7 days

of wind farm power output forecast

More certainty

to renewable energy sources



"We wanted to do something different than what the rest of the industry is doing," says Magin Reyes, the Director of Operations for Exelon Wind and Solar.  Beginning with a simple work-out at the GE Digital Headquarters in San Ramon, teams from GE and Exelon came together to discuss industry challenges and barriers to success and brainstormed how to meet those challenges head on.

The Energy Forecasting application is an integrated software and analytics solution that forecasts farm power outputs in both real time and up to
seven days ahead. The app allows wind farm operators to better capture margin price spread and reduce forecast-to-actual deviation penalties, while also allowing for optimized O&M planning.


"Our focus of the project is to move as fast as possible to deliver software with which Exelon can generate additional revenue," describes Jay Cao, Senior Software Manager for GE Renewable Energy. The collaboration brings together teams with in-depth industry knowledge and a deep understanding of how wind farms work with good data science to create a winning solution.

Energy Forecasting helps to give more certainty to renewable energy sources, which moves the industry forward. Partnering with our customers to innovate allows us to keep the industry moving forward, as Shyam Krishnaswamy, Senior Manager at Exelon, explains "There's a big push for innovation within Exelon and when you partner with a company like GE and you co-innovate with them. You get to influence how you want the product to function and behave and that's the only you get to stay on top of it and get on the leading edge of the industry."