Flexible, integrated solutions

GE offers a comprehensive range of flexible, integrated solutions ranging from complete turnkey Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants to individual components. 

Building on a robust technology platform, our solar solution can be customized to the meet challenging environments and stringent customer specifications.

Using our advanced data and analytics, we help our customers operate their solar power plants more efficiently, dynamically and profitably.

Molten Salts Central Receiver Concentrated solar power

  • Leading-edge integrated thermal storage using demonstrated Molten Salts technology
  • Flexible plant size, with plant capacity factor up to 80%
  • Capacity to deliver energy 24/7
  • High value, flexible and dispatchable solar energy
80% flexible plant size with plant capacity factor up to 80%

24/7 capacity to deliver energy 24/7 thanks to molten salts technology



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