Optimize your hydropower plant's performance and efficiency

The Reset and Upgrade module allows you to upgrade aging equipment.

GE's hydro solutions can adapt to each plant owner’s specific needs


Optimize your existing asset and prevent forced outages - GE can replace or recondition major components to restore original performance levels, extend plant life and optimize plant layout.

Refurbishment projects are planned specifically for each plant and include the replacement or reconditioning of major components along with further plant rehabilitation or renovation to reset performance.

“Pit Stop” for Generators

Based on a Formula One® best practice, our refurbishment module includes a speedy “Pit Stop” option for generators aiming to reduce downtime.

Compared to a traditional process, the “Pit Stop” approach can significantly reduce downtime, with an average lead time reduction of up to ~75 %.

Upgrade Kit For Planned Outage

Created to reduce production loss, GE offers an exclusive set of services to upgrade components during a planned overhaul.

We optimize your time during a scheduled outage with specific, planned maintenance, repairs, or upgrades. 


Give your plant a second life - Designed to increase the power output of your power plant and extend its lifetime, our Upgrade module offers a range of services for specific components, or can be implemented as a turnkey solution.

The Upgrade program:

  • Increases efficiency of old units
  • Increases output with additional discharge
  • Improves peaking capability
  • Enables the addition of new units
  • Complies with new environmental regulations
  • Ensures safety standards upgrades
  • Ensures obsolete equipment upgrades
  • Can operate one or several plants remotely
Up to 5% increase in runner efficiency (with same discharge) by using the latest design

Up to 30% additional turbine output improvement thanks to upgrades



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