Monitoring Your Hydropower Plant Performance

Comprehensive assessments show that the availability and reliability of your hydro equipment largely depend on the condition and behavior of several key components, and GE can help ensure those components are running smoothly.

Our Assess program provides continuous supervision and control of plant performance, simplifying and improving scheduling for future maintenance investments.

Our flexible offering allows you to get a clear assessment of components, plants, or your entire fleet:

  • Diagnosis: Determine the status of key components within turbines and generators as well as the balance-of-plant, with a short outage approach
  • Lifetime Forecast Analysis: Get a comprehensive analysis to estimate the remaining lifetime of generators
  • Condition Assesment & Audit: Assess the state of the whole plant or of one of its components (turbine, generator, control system, hydro-mechanics and balance-of-plant) while minimizing outage time and related costs.
6,000 assessments carried out on over 2,000 hydro generators worldwide

1-day outage assessment without impact on production with GE's condition assessment and audit solution




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