GE Renewable Energy and Emrgy combine their strengths around this high-performing micro hydro technology.


This micro hydro solution is based on both proprietary designs in the turbine and drivetrain, and off-the-shelf components, to deliver a complete water-to-wire system. This solution is a self-contained module made of twin turbines (2 x 5 kW or 2 x 7.5 kW), generators, electrical cabinet, and is connectable to BOP/Grid. They are assembled and mounted in a self-stabilized concrete structure requiring no civil works. The system power output is 480 V, 3-phase AC, 50 Hz & 60 Hz.


Micro hydro kinetics is a disruptive technology designed to use existing water infrastructure. It is based on water velocity, making it applicable to most waterways; traditional hydropower solutions are head-based and therefore only applicable to selected sites. Emrgy’s micro hydro kinetics solution is made for existing canals and waterways, with no civil work required. It is a full plug and play technology, easy and quick to install and/or remove and relocate in the future.

Micro size… macro (proven) efficiency

This new, highly cost-effective, renewable energy solution, capable of capturing most of the untapped energy on your site, has many assets. Its performance levels have been tested both in laboratory and on site. Actual power rating and instantaneous output depend on site canal (slope, lining type) and flow (m3/sec) characteristics. Once we have the average water depth, we can determine which equipment type can best suit a particular site.

This technology is scalable by equipping an existing canal with dozens or hundreds of 10/15 kW modules.

Land usage

  • Turbines are installed on existing, untapped water infrastructures. No land planning is needed, with no modification required on existing assets

Predictable and available

  • Permanent, predictable and controllable production
  • 95% availability


  • Hydrokinetic power operates 24/7
Two self-contained module options available: 10 and 15 kW

A complete water-to-wire system - no civil works required: easy to install

Based on water velocity rather than water head, making it applicable to most waterways





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