Quick response to fluctuations in power demand

With our extensive portfolio of proven technologies, GE Renewable Energy is able to provide a solution adapted to our customers’ specific needs in a variety of environments. 

With its broad portfolio ranging from 30 MW to 400 MW per unit with heads up to 1,000+ meters, GE Renewable Energy has a pump turbine to suit each site configuration. Fast startup times of just 90 seconds for up to 400 MW allow for an increased number of daily starts and stops, adding flexibility and availability.

Product Features

Our performant and reliable solutions offer:

  • Plant configurations that allow turbine dismantling from above, below, or in the middle of the pit
  • Self-pumping bearings, water lubricated bearings, and traditional oil-lubricated metal coated bearings
  • A variety of governing control system configurations
  • A wide selection of inlet valves
  • Double and multi-stage centrifugal units for heads over 700m
30+% of the world’s hydro storage plants are equipped

Only 90 seconds needed to switch from idle to full load for units up to 400 MW



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