Quick response to fluctuations in power demand

With our extensive hydraulic design portfolio, GE is able to provide a solution adapted to our customers’ specific needs in a variety of environments. 

GE's complete line of pump turbine offerings are suited for heads from 5m to 1,200m and have production potential ranging from 50 MW to 500 MW.

Our pump turbines are adapted to the specific characteristics of each pumped-storage plant and site. 

Product Features

We’ve continuously improved the performance and reliability of the pumped storage unit, which now offers:

  • Plant configurations that allow turbine dismantling from above, below, or in the middle of the pit
  • Self-pumping bearings, water lubricated bearings, and traditional oil-lubricated metal coated bearings
  • A variety of governing control system configurations
  • A wide selection of inlet valves
  • Double and multi-stage centrifugal units for heads over 700m
Increased plan efficiency and reduced friction losses by up to 5% with hydrostatic water guide bearings

Integrating intermittent renewable energy into the power grid



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Project references

As a world leader in hydropower, GE has been providing pump turbines for over 50 years and has supplied a total of 139 pump turbine units to date with a total capacity of 22,000 MW, including:

Zhanghewan (China)
4 x 255 MW
Head: 305 m

Afourer II (Morocco)
2 x 176 MW
Head: 576 m

Alqueva (Portugal)
4 x 129 MW
Head: 76 m

Yangyang (South Korea)
1 x 250 MW
Head: 800 m

San Chong (South Korea)
2 x 390 MW
Head: 423 m

Bissorte II (France)
4 x 138 MW
Head: 1,112 m