The widest range of applications available

With about 60% of the global hydropower capacity in the world, Francis turbines are the most widely used type of hydro turbine. GE has continuously invested in R&D to increase turbine efficiency and developed specific product enhancements to improve machine performance. 

GE has successfully completed numerous installations of Francis turbines with outputs up to 800 MW, including one of the largest Francis turbines ever made - each with a runner diameter of 10 meters and weighing over 450 tons.

Francis turbines are very able to sustain the high mechanical stress resulting from high heads.


Runner configuration can be adapted to get the highest level of efficiency in its whole range of application.



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Ring Gate

The result of our focus on product evolution, GE developed the ring gate solution, a cylinder that moves between the stay vane and the guide vanes that can replace the traditional butterfly or spherical valves. This technology results in reduced maintenance costs and increased safety, all while increasing plant efficiency.


A critical mechanical component of hydro power plants, our bearings include the most up-to-date technologies:

  • Water bearings that increase overall efficiency, are environmentally-conscious and minimize operating costs
  • Thrust-bearing membrane supports that minimize friction loss and improve safety in operations
  • Self pumping bearings that minimize operating costs and increase reliability and safety

Refurbishment Applications

Older hydropower plants benefit directly from our ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency, output, and safety of our Francis turbines. Our refurbishment applications improve overall performance offers a highly competitive solution for increased profit generation.


Project references

Peng Shui (China)
5 x 350 MW
Head: 67 m

Peribonka (Canada)
3 x 130 MW
Head: 68 m

Three Gorges (China)
14 x 700-767 MW
Head: 80.6-85 m

Koyna IV (India)
4 x 250 MW
Head: 475 m

Turkwell (Kenya)
2 x 53 MW
Head: 364 m

La Grande (Canada)
23 x 295-338 MW
Head: 117 m

Itaipu (Brazil)
13 x 750 MW
Head: 126 m

Karun (Iran)
4 x 250 MW
Head: 165 m