GE Renewable Energy’s hydro expertise and Rockwell’s Automation expertise combine to make a leading turbine speed governing system for any type of hydro turbine and power output.


Based on Rockwell Automation products, SmartControl* Turbine Speed Governors can regulate any type of turbine with any power output. They integrate seamlessly into the SmartControl Distributed Control System. Only one engineering tool is therefore needed, helping simplify software management, licensing, upgrades and training. SmartControl Governor can also be integrated with Rockwell Automation’s CompactLogix® and ControlLogix® controllers, helping reduce operator training time.

They feature compact and modular plug-and-play hardware for easy installation and maintenance. Intuitive software, with advanced functions derived from more than 100 years of GE Renewable Energy’s hydro experience, enhances turbine processes, helping refine plant operation and reduce machine wear. 


The SmartControl* Governor’s features for specific turbine types include on-cam, 3D cam or blade discretizer for Bulb and Kaplan turbines, individual wicket gate control for Pump turbines and a jet dispatcher for Pelton turbines. With simplex or redundant configurations and a rugged design, SmartControl* Governor can operate in harsh conditions with electromagnetic interference, vibration, humidity and oil. They have GE’s cyber security solution built-in and they are natively compatible with GE Renewable Energy’s line of NEYRPIC* oil components.

2,300+ Speed Governors Commissioned

Lifetime spare parts availability with Parts Management Agreement

Seamless integration with SmartControl™ Distributed Control System



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Along with turbine speed governing system for hydropower plants, GE also provides advanced support. With field support engineers in more than 80 countries and 24/7 call center availability, customers can be assured that they will be supported when needed. Customers can opt for a Parts Management Agreement that provides a flexible, easy to use, vendor managed inventory program. It enhances access and availability of critical spares to maximize machine uptime and throughput while reducing overall inventory carrying costs. We own and manage your spare inventory for a fixed amount and replenish with Rockwell Automation remanufactured and renewal parts. Guarantee period begins when the parts are installed on the machine, longer after delivery to site. Furthermore, lifetime availability of spare parts can be guaranteed with the Parts Management Agreement.

Customers can also opt for GE’s proprietary NEYRPIC T.SLG which, like the SmartControl* Speed Governor, are suitable for any turbine type and power output for both new and retrofit projects.

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