Unlimited power range for new and refurbished plants

GE's latest solution for the control of hydro turbines is the Neyrpic T.SLG (Turbine Speed Load Governor), which optimizes plant operations, increases safety and simplifies maintenance. The system has been successfully installed in power plants around the world.

The Neyrpic T.SLG controller is designed for use on all variations of hydro turbines, with an unlimited power range, for both new and refurbished plants. Its proven application software includes a advanced functions that enhance all turbine processes, while remaining quick and easy to use without the need for software programming expertise. Additionally, its plug-and-play hardware is compact and modular, making it easier to install and maintain.

Key benefits

  • A universal controller, with one set of software and one product line of actuators, that can cover virtually any hydro application
  • Proven ability to operate in the harshest conditions, including, strong EMC disturbance, vibration, humidity, and dirty oil
  • Simplified installation, operation and maintenance
  • Plug-and-play electronic modules with automatic configuration and self-tests, keeping hydraulic maintenance to a minimum

As a leading plant integrator in the hydro market, GE has developed a complete set of services to support our customers during the entire lifetime of their plants.



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