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Renewable hybrid power solutions

Renewable hybrid power solutions

Reliable, affordable and dispatchable integration of renewable energies


What does hybrid renewable technology bring to the power generation industry?

Renewable Energy Hybrids are the solution to a reliable, affordable and dispatchable integration of renewable energies, driving the transition to a clean energy future.

By integrating renewable energy generation sources with one another (i.e. Wind + Solar) and/or energy storage, dispatchable, competitive green MWhs can be enabled through intelligent plant and system design, software & controls, and O&M synergies.


What we bring to the table

As our customers navigate the energy transition, they require flexible, reliable and intelligent solutions that can solve for complex challenges while maximizing value.

GE Renewable Energy offers one of the industry's broadest portfolio of renewable technologies that can be integrated to develop hybrid projects, requiring sophisticated expertise and capabilities. Learn more below about how GE can assist with all types of hybrid renewable energy systems.

Hybrid Power System Design and Optimization

  • Techno-economic evaluation and optimized plant configuration to maximize project value.

  • Flexible hardware and software system design to adapt to evolving use cases

Controls & Software Architecture

  • One controls platform for multi-asset coordination

  • Optimization through data & services to maximize value

  • Nextgen grid services and battery life management

  • Plant controls for islanded and interconnected operation

World-Class Hardware

  • Onshore and Offshore Wind, Solar, Hydro and Grid expertize

  • Battery Energy Storage systems

  • Low and Mid-Voltage power electronics typology

Power System Expertise

  • Project design, planning, and modeling to ensure grid code compliance

  • Interconnection of large-scale renewables and inverter-based resources with the grid


  • Enhanced inverter control for weak grid conditions

  • Incorporating voltage control, frequency response, inertia, and black-start for grid forming and grid following control schemes

Long-Term Services Offering & Performance Guarantees

  • OPEX synergies

  • Single contract and guarantees focused on outcomes


GE's Hybrid FLEX Portfolio

GE Renewable Energy's FLEX Portfolio provides what our customers need by solving for multiple applications to enable dispatchable, green MWhs.

Flexible, reliable and intelligent solutions that can solve for complex challenges while maximizing value.

Hybrid App


Bringing Battery Storage Power to the Imperial Irrigation District

Learn how GE’s battery energy storage solution drives reliable power for both residential and commercial electric customers of the Imperial Irrigation District in Southern California.



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