GE’s journey from Manhattan to Rhode Island—and beyond

Just three years after introducing the world to the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison opened the first permanent, commercial electric power plant on September 4th, 1882. Located at 255-257 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan, Pearl Power Plant initially provided service to about 80 customers, totaling approximately 400 lightbulbs. Within 12 months, his customer size grew to nearly 500 as Edison brought light to a dark world.

184 nautical miles northeast of Pearl Street, across Long Island Sound, Edison’s vision of providing Americans with safe, reliable, and affordable power lives on through GE Renewable Energy’s support for the first commercial offshore wind farm in the United States. While Ørsted’s Island Wind Farm was the first, it will not be the last, as GE continues to make history off the shores of America’s birthplace.


Offshore wind is picking up speed in the Northeast U.S.

In the next decade, the global offshore wind industry is expected to grow from 17 to 90 GW, and offshore wind will make up 15% of the total wind industry by 2025. This global growth is creating new opportunities for offshore wind projects, particularly in the Northeast U.S., where the demand for additional power is greatest.

Fortunately the Northeast also has the federal and state support it needs to implement offshore wind. With a recent announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for $18 million in funding for an offshore wind research and development consortium, and a commitment from several states in the region to generate a combined total of more than 15,000 MW from offshore wind by 2035, the time is right for offshore wind off the East Coast—and GE has the latest technology.

Ørsted selects Haliade-X for two of its US offshore wind farms

Chosen by Ørsted, the world-leading offshore wind developer, as the preferred turbine supplier for two of its U.S. offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of over 1.2 GW.  The projects in Maryland and New Jersey are expected to be commissioned in 2022 and 2024 respectively. Read more

Haliade-X prototype installed in Rotterdam

We have successfully installed the full Haliade-X 12 MW prototype in the Port of Rotterdam. Local teams will continue to perform commissioning activities on site, in preparation to collect the data needed to obtain the Type Certificate in 2020. Read more

GE’s commitment to offshore wind
GE’s leadership in the offshore wind industry is built on a solid foundation of experience in onshore wind, where GE has long been one of the world’s leading providers with 40,000 onshore turbines installed. Our digital capabilities help customers reduce operating costs and become more competitive in both onshore and offshore industries. A customized set of digital tools is currently being developed for our latest offshore wind turbine—the most powerful in the world.
icon_wind turbine

US Offshore wind turbine

With Ørsted’s Block Island wind farm, GE gained expertise in offshore installation, workforce development, while meeting local regulations.



More than 16,000 GE engineers around the world are influencing offshore wind technologies.



GE is investing $400 million to develop the most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world.

icon_wind turbine 12 MW

12 MW offshore unit: The Haliade-X

Installation of the prototype at the Port of Rotterdam in the summer of 2019.

Engaging Suppliers
GE works closely with our suppliers to make sure they have the latest tools and services to help us deliver solutions for our customers.
Leading the industry with the latest technology


Haliade-X 12 MW

The most powerful offshore wind turbine in the industry

12 MW
Fewer turbines needed*
67 GWh
Annual energy production
Capacity factor
More AEP than the most powerful machine today

*Compared to Haliade 150-6MW

12 MW

Fewer turbines needed

67 GWh
Annual energy production

Capacity factor

More AEP than the most powerful machine today
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More power, with fewer turbines needed

The Haliade-X is also the first 12 MW offshore wind turbine commercially available, capable of capturing more Annual Energy Production (AEP) than any other offshore wind turbine on the market. Just one Haliade-X 12 MW can generate 67 GWh every year—a CO2 savings equivalent to removing 10,000 passenger cars from the roads annually.

More efficient and competitive

The Haliade-X 12 MW is also the industry’s most efficient offshore wind turbine, with a leading capacity factor of 63%—5 to 7% above the industry average. This increase in efficiency, coupled with GE’s substantial investment, will lower offshore wind’s Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)—helping our customers become more competitive.

Saving time and money

With fewer foundations and less cabling required for installation, the Haliade-X 12 MW also helps customers lower their capital expenditure (CAPEX) and reduces the time needed for installation.

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