Real-time asset monitoring, control, and fleet management


Real-time operation and compliance demand multiple tools and complicated processes, which cause slow return-to-service and lost revenue

Remote operations often involve manual processes across multiple systems with inconsistent and siloed information. Obtaining real-time visibility and conducting remote control typically require complex steps and prevent the operators from taking fast actions. Further, evolving compliance requirements make remote command and control even more difficult.

GE's Solution

LIFESPAN Monitor covers all aspects of remote operation with efficiency and speed while allowing compliant remote command and control

A remote operations strategy is key to maximizing asset availability and aligning  operations with business needs, whether you are starting to build a remote monitoring center or scaling the operation for a growing  fleet.

LIFESPAN Monitor provides real-time fleet visibility and helps reduce operator response times through an integrated and streamlined workflow, resulting in improvements to return-to-service times and asset production. It also offers centralized knowledge and direct field communications for efficient collaboration. Our on-premise version of LIFESPAN Monitor is purposely designed to comply with stringent security and safety standards, allowing compliant command and control within a secure environment.